#GayGeeks is an IRC channel on the freenode IRC network. We always try to be as welcoming as possible. Please feel free to join the conversation.

As with all things, #GayGeeks has a few guidelines regarding behaviour and topics of discussion. We try to keep these to a minimum as it makes it simpler to manage the channel! :)

Most users in the channel have probably never actually read these guidelines which is fine because they’re what most people would term “common sense”. Writing them out just helps avoid problems later on. #GayGeeks has no controlling overlord, and for the vast majority of the time the operators rarely need to exercise their powers beyond kicking the occasional troll. The main focus for these rules is privacy, and to help prevent non-consensual abusive behaviour.

These guidelines are not set in stone and are subject to discussion. Feel free to contact any of the channel ops at any time to discuss the rules. Please note you may not get an immediate response on IRC, and if you don’t hear back for longer than two days, you should try contacting the operator again, or prod someone else instead. :)


    • General: #GayGeek’s topic is all work-safe discussions. NSFW topics and URLs belong in #GayGeeks-ASL. You can discuss almost anything you want in #GayGeeks as long as it remains safe for work and civil at all times.
    • No abuse: No racism, sexism, or any abuse of others at all in the channel.
    • No use / threat of violence / harm: No discussion that involves actions taken against another person against their will. This wording is intended to forbid threats and violence against others, while allowing for BDSM chat among consenting persons of legal age, although this usually belongs in -ASL. Please use your common sense. :)
    • No gawking: If you’re joining this channel or any of our channels purely to watch the strange gay people do strange gay things, this isn’t the place for you. We welcome people of any gender or orientation as long as they are supportive of LGBTQ issues, however if you are just here to gawk then please go somewhere else. :)
    • Privacy: You are expected to maintain the privacy of those in the channel.
    • Do not ‘out’ people: Never “out” channel members elsewhere without their permission. This includes outing them within the #GayGeeks channels. If someone hasn’t publically told the channel something, it is assumed that they do not want the majority of the channel to know it. The “secret” flag is set on #GayGeeks-ASL, whilst #GayGeeks is a public channel which requires nick registrations to join. You may wish to turn on the “invisible” flag to hide your presence in the channel from others on freenode who are not also in the channel.
    • No public logging: Logging any of the #GayGeeks channels is absolutely forbidden. To be clear, if your logs turn up somewhere (email, web, etc.) without expressly being asked for them by an operator, you’ve broken this rule. If you paste a link in #GayGeeks to your logs of this channel, you’ve still broken this rule. This does not however mean you can’t paste some quoted lines back into the channel, it just means that privacy of channel members is paramount, and any time someone who wasn’t in the channel can possibly obtain a record of it, the “No logging” rule has been broken. The existence of a URL to any logs of this channel counts as public disclosure. Logs passed to a channel op under their specific request and in the manner requested, for the purpose of enforcing these guidelines or the rules of freenode does not qualify as a violation.
    • No disclosure of confidential information: You may discuss whatever you want about yourself, but please do not disclose personal information of others without their permission.  Obviously there may be exceptions in the case where someone may be harmed, but this is the sort of thing you should discuss with a channel operator rather than taking matters in your own hands.
    • Bots require prior approval: The #GayGeeks channels are generally bot-free zones. There are a few minor exceptions to this rule, such as GayGeeksBot which is used by channel members to maintain their mugshots, and the Minecraft relay present in #GayGeeks-Minecraft. If you have a bot you think would benefit the channel, please ask the channel operators before bringing it in, as this will prevent a lot of butthurt and drama which will inevitably occur otherwise.
    • Enjoy yourself: The most important thing is to have fun. Enjoy each other’s company.

Channel Operators

If you need to contact a channel operator, the list of operators for #GayGeeks can be found by using this command:

/msg ChanServ ACCESS #GayGeeks LIST

The channel details and contact e-mail address can be found by using this command:

/msg chanserv info #GayGeeks

Channel operators of #GayGeeks-ASL loosely tracks those of #GayGeeks, except where there may be some reason to do otherwise. Note that this means getting banned from one channel is likely to result in being banned in both eventually, if not immediately. This is by intent.