#GayGeeks originally started as a single channel on the freenode IRC network for LGBT and likeminded people to network and chat about this, that, and the other. It has since grown to cover a number of related channels, all on freenode, which cover a range of different subjects, languages, and activities.

The #GayGeeks channel list

#GayGeeks The original #GayGeeks channel. This channel is for people of all ages, genders, orientations, and outlooks. Please try to keep topics and links here safe for work. :)
#GayGeeks-ASL -ASL, as it’s often referenced, is our channel for adult-oriented topics. More often than not it devolves into tech support. 😉 You must be at least 18 years of age to join this channel.
#GayGeeks-OPS This channel is reserved for moderators of the various #GayGeeks channels. If you try to join this channel and you aren’t a channel op, ChanServ will boot you out immediately. Sorry!
#GayGeeks-FR The #GayGeeks network extends all around the world. We have members in almost every country on the planet, and as a result we have a large number of members whose first language is French. (Bonjour Québec et la France! 😉 ) They don’t mind the occasional bit of English in here, and they’re happy to help people with language questions, but do try to keep the conversation in French if you join this channel.
#GayGeeks-ES As with #GayGeeks-FR, #GayGeeks-ES sprung up due to the large number of Spanish speakers we have in the channels. Spanish speakers from around the globe are welcome here, as are people learning the language.
#GayGeeks-DE The third of our language-based channels, #GayGeeks-DE arose from the large number of German-speakers we have in the channels. As with the other two language channels, please try to keep conversations in here in German, although the occasional bit of English is fine. :)
#GayGeeks-Cycling Many #GayGeekers are cyclists, so this channel arose as a special interest channel to discuss cycling and related activities, including the best gear to buy, organising events together, or competing on distance and time goals against fellow #GayGeekers across the globe. Lycra is optional. o.o
#GayGeeks-Minecraft Alongside our Minecraft server, we operate an IRC channel for discussion about the game. This channel has a bot in it which relays messages from the channel to the players in-game on the Minecraft server and vice-versa. If you’re trying to join us in Minecraft and are having trouble getting in, join here and we’ll help you out. :)
#GayGeeks-7DTD As with the above, but for 7 Days to Die instead of Minecraft.